in every writing, in every artwork, there is a story.

Kurt Cobain


Real men wear aprons


Angelina Jolie, Scribble Drawing

Wil Dasovich

This is when I stopped.

I loved you.
For several years, I loved you.
I yearned for you.
I believed that we were meant for each other,
that no matter what life brings,
at the end of the day, it will still be us.

I broke hearts because I believed that my heart belongs only to you.
That no matter who’s in front of me, no matter how well I am being treated, I will leave, because my heart leads me to no one else but you.

But we reached that point when you made me question my worth. When you took my love for granted and made me feel that loving me is a burden to you.

This is when I stopped.

Because I should never fight for a place in your heart.
Because I should never beg for you stay.
Because I hate proving myself.
Because I hate proving my worth.
Because I hate the feeling that I am not good enough.

I am letting go of the memories we’ve had.
I am letting go of the memories I have long been holding on to.
I am letting go of the the thought that you’re the one meant for me.

This is when I stopped.

I have untangled the knots that bound me to you.
I have accepted the thought that at least, our paths crossed.
That at least, I have shared my life with you.
That at least, you have experienced how it was like to be loved by someone like me.

I will always cherish the kind of love that we once have. I will always cherish the kind of love that I was willing to give you. You will always be special to me but this time, my heart won’t be beating for you anymore. My heart won’t be waiting for you anymore. It will beat on its own. It will beat because it is built that way, and it will beat to keep me going.


Daenerys Targaryen

Paul version 2.0

Emma Watson

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