Credits to the owner of this photo
Credits to the owner of this photo

Date a girl who writes.

If it’s great to date a girl who reads, how much more if you date a girl who writes?

A girl who writes has developed her interest in writing because she had read so much. She had read wonderful stories and imagined the greatest stories.

Date a girl who writes. Not only she’ll take you to her imagination of greatest stories, she’ll write you a story. She’ll turn you into a character that once written will forever exist even after you are done dating her.

Date a girl who writes. She will not only give you fancy gifts but she will give a really wonderful story out of that simple gift. A story that will forever be remembered not only because of the story she has created with it but the thought, the imagination she has in her mind while choosing that gift.

Date a girl who writes. She’ll make an everyday routine so wonderful. She thinks fast, never runs out of wonderful ideas to make an ordinary day a special one. You’ll laugh as you see her turn a really serious situation into a funny one just to break the silence.

Date a girl who writes. She looks at things differently. Her interpretation of things is not as shallow as that of a girl whose everyday problem is her ootd. She analyzes things, every action. There’s always a “why” in almost everything that she does. Post a photo, she will not just look at it as it is. She can create a story in her mind, in five minutes, or maybe less.

Date a girl who writes. Fight with her and she will not be that girl who’s out in the club drinking beers till morning. Instead, she’ll turn into her pen and paper, or her laptop and will begin writing her emotions. She will not bleed blood out of depression, she will only bleed ink.

Date a girl who writes. She writes her emotions, if you want to know her better, begin reading her writings for you will know what’s inside her head. For you will know how she thinks. For you will know how she thinks stories should go and how it should end.

Date a girl who writes. Get done dating her and your memories will remain, in her works, not just in her heart, she will turn you into a wonderful form of art.

Date a girl who writes. She will take you to places. She will build memories with you. She will begin creating wonderful stories and you will always be a part of every story she’ll write.

Date a girl who writes. She loves stories which means yes, writing is her passion but she loves stories. She reads books, she watches all sorts of movies. You don’t have to take her to those fancy restaurants and expensive resorts. Take her to a movie or spend a night at home with a cup of coffee or a few bottles of beer or a wine and as simple as that, she’ll call it a really great night. She loves to talk, she loves conversations, and she loves discussions.

Date a girl who writes because if your love is true, then you deserve to have a girl like her. You deserve a girl who will let you in. You deserve a girl who can give you the most out of everything.

If a girl who writes fell in love with you, trust me, your story, if not yet written is on its way.