Everyone talks about love. Everyone is in search for true love, but have you ever thought of the difference between love and true love?

I have been a fan of not just love but true love. I have always wanted one true love. It’s crazy, I know. But the whole idea of falling in love and loving someone can make anyone crazy.

If you want to know what love really is, you have to talk about it for yourself, without anyone getting involved about the topic, without having someone as your basis; for you will rely on how intense the feeling was when you were still with that person.

Love is an effort, and true love requires greater effort. I have been known to be that person who believes in true love and now, after reading several articles about the same topic, I finally understood what I really meant when I said I want true love. I want not just visible efforts but that effort that I can feel without someone telling me all about it.

Yes, true love is about the greatest efforts. The effort of wanting to be together, the effort of wanting to make things work no matter how difficult the situation gets. As they say, if you think love is not working, increase the dose. And now I believe it to be true for when you give up, when you stopped making efforts, it’s not true love for you know for yourself that you can live without the other person but if it’s true love, the effort continues. It’s a never-ending battle to fight for what you have, to fight for the person you want to be with.

Love is not a hole you fall into. It’s like a mountain that you have to climb every day of your life while having the fear of reaching the peak. For when you reached the peak, you will be left with no other choice but to go down.

Love is not egoistic. Your efforts will always be for the both of you. If your efforts are all about feeling good about yourself without thinking about how the other person will feel about it, then that is not true love. That is you loving yourself, loving the life you have and the unwillingness to share it with the other person. Clearly, you just fell into the idea of being trapped in a hole, just because of the norms that the society dictates, that everyone deserves to have a partner. Let us not be scared to be alone. Sometimes, being alone will help you realize what you want, who you really want to be with and what it is that you really want to do in your life.

In our quest to find that one true love, we have our own set of standards, and it is never wrong. Love is a decision you make but of course, you should only limit yourself to those people who you have feelings with and not to those people who meets your standards but never in your dreams has become the love of your life.

Most people I know, after every heartbreak would go find another. They are all scared of the fact of growing old, alone. Yes, that is scary. But love knows no rush. Love has its own time. And so we say:

We had the right love at the wrong time.

If that is the case, you will be left with two options: you can together wait for the right time to come or simply just let go of each other.

The art of letting go.

To let go of someone is not about pride. It’s not about ego. It’s about you giving the other person the chance to find his one true love because the fact that he wants to go, he knows, you are not his one true love. Sad but true. But if you both believe that what you have is true, letting go will never be an option. You will keep on finding ways to be together. You will keep fighting.

Now the most dangerous part is when both of you were fighting to make the relationship work but for two different reasons. You fight for the relationship because you love the person while the other one fight for the relationship because the other satisfies his needs. And so, that is not true love.

It will be very difficult to distinguish love from true love if you do not know yourself, if you do not know what you want, if you do not know where to go. You can only know that it is that one true love when you know what you want. And you do the things you want not just because that is what the society tells you to do.

To end this confusing article, I would say that it is always better to be alone and know you more. For if you keep on jumping into those blind holes, you might end up hurting the one who truly loves you, and you will make that person think that it is not yet true love but just you loving the idea of having someone to love you. That you needed love but you still do not understand the idea of falling in love and loving someone.

If one person leaves, do not wait for them to come back. To leave the person who truly loves you is all about you knowing that the person you left is not the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Do not confuse yourself from the thought that love finds its way. True love is an effort and not something that you just fall into. To love someone is a choice and not something that just happens. Your life is not a movie, not a fairy tale. You are not a prince. She is not a princess. True love will make you feel like a prince and her, a princess. True love does not have a happy ending. It never ends.

And they lived happily ever after.