Credits to the owner of this photo. UPLB's famous Fertility Tree.
Credits to the owner of this photo. UPLB’s famous Fertility Tree.

Fertility tree. UP’s famous tree.

She was sitting under the tree trying to write a story.

Laptop and earphones. It’s a Sunday. A lot of people spending the last day of their weekend with friends running, biking, jogging.

She was staring at the people while the loud music plays. Her eyes are locked at a couple in front of her, her ears busy listening to the loud music but her mind is somewhere else.

“How do I begin writing this?”

For more than an hour, she’s written nothing but a single sentence or maybe it was just a phrase.

“Hi. Do you mind?” While pointing at a space beside her.

Claire was too busy thinking and didn’t even notice that there’s a man trying to talk to her. He pulled her earphones off.

“Do you mind?”

She was shocked. She thought he’s a snatcher. She screamed.

“Miss. I have been asking you if I can sit here. I’m not going to get any of your things!”

“Oh. Sorry. Yes.”

She put on her earphones back and begun typing.

“Franco.” He said.

“No names. You just asked if you can sit so just sit there, do your thing and I’ll do mine.”

“Are you really that cold to nice guys trying to start a conversation?”

“I am here so I can be alone and finish writing my story. Now if you’re here to talk, I’m busy. Sorry.”

Franco turned his laptop on. Pulled out his earphones from his pocket and started whatever it is that he has to do.

A few minutes passed and Claire has finally forgotten what had happened. She started typing and then her favorite song played. Because of the loud music and her earphones, she didn’t realize she’s already singing on top of her lungs.

“Miss. Miss!” And again, he pulled off her earphones.

Claire looked at him. “What now?!”

“Shhhh. You’re singing too loud.”

“Really? My god. I’m really sorry. I didn’t know.” Claire said while smiling trying to stop herself from laughing.”

“Are you always here?” He said.

“No. Just today. I’m in the mood to write a story but I really can’t put into words what I want to say.

“Maybe a cup of coffee will help”

“Thank you. What are you supposed to do here?” said Claire.

“I’m here to finish the software I’m working on for several weeks already. The codes were all messed up.”

And the conversation started from there.

Claire is a girl who just got off from a serious relationship. A relationship that she thought would last forever.

Franco is a guy who has been single for a long time. All work.

“So aside from writing, what else do you do?”

“I draw, but that’s just a hobby.”

“I just noticed, the things you do are mostly outlets of emotions. Are you the emotional kind of person?” asked Franco.

“No, I’m not. Writing and drawing are the only things that I do to express how I feel. I’m actually having a hard time sharing what I feel to anyone.” said Claire.

“You do know that there will always be this person whom you can talk to about a lot of things right? Don’t tell me you have not found that person yet?”

“Are you a fisherman?” Claire asked while smiling in a sarcastic manner.

“Huh? How did I become a fisherman?” said Franco.

“Because you are. You can just simply ask if I have a boyfriend. You know at this age, we should already know how to speak our minds, otherwise, we will lose all the things we really want without even having the chance to grab the opportunity given to us.”

Franco was stunned.

“Now tell me where that came from?”

And both of them laughed. This must be the beginning of a new friendship.

Friendship. Yes. That is all Claire wanted for now. A friend.

To be continued. 