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Ring ring.

“Hey, are you going to UP today?”

“Claire?” he asked.

“Oh. Yes. This is me.” said Claire

“Well, I’m not going anywhere today. What’s up?”

“I need a friend.”

“Oh no. I think I already know what’s going on.” said Franco.

It’s been two weeks after the incident under the Fertility tree. Where they met. Since that day, they have been exchanging messages and even became Facebook friends.

Franco rushed to the campus to meet Claire and there he saw her, again sitting under the tree staring blankly at the people from afar. There must be something going on that made her call him like it’s an emergency.

Call a friend.

He was expecting that Claire would open up. He was expecting that Claire will cry but she didn’t. She just wanted him beside her while she’s doing her series of deep breathes.

“So what are we going to do now? Just this? I sit beside you, and you say nothing? C’mon Claire. Speak up!”

“I just need someone to be beside so I won’t feel so depressed. I want to think, I want to analyze a lot of things, while you’re there.” Claire told Franco in a very soft voice.

She is not aware that her normal gestures, the way she talks, laughs and deliver her corny jokes are already making someone fall in love.

“Is it him again? Is this all about him again? Claire, it’s been more than a month. You should learn to accept that it’s over. You should learn to stop holding on to something that’s not real. You should learn to move on.”

The problem with Claire, she always thinks there is something wrong with her. That maybe she’s just overthinking. That maybe she does just not understand everything.

Claire is not even looking at Franco. Her world is on her phone. It’s like she’s in a different dimension. Dungeons and dragons.

“Give me that phone and tell me what happened.” Franco told Claire in a very authoritative manner.

Tears started to fall and she looked so helpless. He hugged Claire.

“Everything will be okay. God has better plans for you. A lot of things can happen. It could have happened because he’s not meant for you and you keep holding on. He gave him the power to hurt you that much so you’ll realize that it’s time to let go.”

She looked at him. Surprised that those words where uttered.

“Look at you. You are so simple yet so pretty. There’s a lot in you that he failed to see. Don’t tell me about his efforts. Those are just words. So you call talking on the phone for hours an effort?”

Thinking that she’s so surprised to hear those words coming from him, he thought of something else to say to break the ice.

“And then you’ll see a good-looking guy right beside you named Franco.”

“Let’s get drunk. I think I need beer.” said Claire.

To be continued.