Iya and Drew
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Claire has started packing her things when a knock on the door broke the silence.

“Hi Miss Claire. We didn’t know you’re leaving so here’s a small token from all of us here.”

The agents gave her balloons and a bouquet of flowers with “Good luck! We will miss you!” message on it.

Claire has finally decided to leave the company she’s been with for several years. She will now focus on her work from home job – the job that she took for John – but this time, she’ll be focusing on it for herself. To change her daily routine and live a new life.

She was in tears when she left her office while Franco is in the car waiting for her. When she entered the car, there’s another bouquet of flowers seated at the backseat.

“Oh flowers. Are you going out on a date tonight?” said Claire.

Franco smiled. “That’s for you.”

“Funny. Who are you going out with tonight?”

“I told you. That’s for you!”

“Me? So resigning from my long time job showered me with flowers. That’s weird.” said Claire.

Franco holds her hand.

“Claire, I like you. Since day 1, I have always liked you. I have been seeing you before but it was only a few weeks ago when I had the courage to approach and it is only now when I get the chance to tell you how I feel.”

“Shut up. Franco? Is that you? Hahahahaha!”

Claire’s reaction was not what Franco had expected. He was expecting rainbows and butterflies but it didn’t happen. To get out of that awkward moment..

“So, you’re mobile now. You can go anywhere. Where do you plan to go?” asked Franco.

“I’m not sure yet. I am supposed to attend a conference in Colorado next month and I’m not sure if I’d go.” said Claire.

“I thought you’ve already resigned your job? What’s that for?” asked Franco.

“Yes, I did. But I am still their Consultant and I still represent the company on various Conferences and events. Something like an Ambassadress, I guess.”

A long moment of silence.

Franco thought that he can finally spend more time with Claire. That it is now his turn to become that special person in her life. But after hearing what she said, it felt heavy.

“Hello?” said Claire.

“It’s in the US, and John is there. Do you plan on seeing him when you’re there?” asked Franco.

“John is my past. I’m going there for my future and not to live by the past. I don’t think there will still be a time when I’d see him. At least not in this lifetime.”

Franco was relieved.

“Wait, are you jealous?!”

Franco laughed. “Why would I? We’re just friends, right?”

“Yes, we are friends. We are good friends. Let us not forget that.”

Claire kissed Franco on his cheek. “You are like a brother to me and I am so blessed to have you beside me.”

Girls. Why are girls running after some guy who does not even know how to take care of them? Who does not even know how to compromise? Why are they always after those guys who would cheat with a girl they wanted to marry for a girl they didn’t plan to be with? Why?

While Franco has a lot going on in his head, he didn’t realize that Claire is already back to how she’s like a week ago. Staring blankly nowhere. No emotions.

Franco holds her hand. “You’ll be fine, Claire. You are a beautiful, smart woman. Every guy dreams to have you simply for who you are. You don’t have to be sad for losing someone who did not see your value, your worth. Do you want me to tell you how different you are from that girl? If that will make you feel better, even if guys are not into that, I’d do it for you.”

“You don’t really have to compare us. We’re incomparable.”

“So now tell me, have you gone out with anyone after what happened?” asked Franco.

“Yes and it didn’t last. I am not fit to be in a relationship right now. I’m a mess and if I continue going out with him, I’m afraid I might break him.”

“Did he know about John?”

“Yes. He knows everything. He knows that what we have is for me to forget. All in my advantage. I’m so selfish.”

Franco hugged Claire. Move on and forget with me. I will not ask you to be my girl and I don’t want to be with you as long as you have not forgotten him. I’ll stay with you until that time when you can proudly say you have moved on and you don’t love him anymore.”

“Thank you.” Claire hugged Franco.

“Let’s go try that painting shop nearby. I’m not a painter but if I had to learn it, I will.”

“Really? Your treat?!” asked Claire with excitement.

“Yes.” said Franco.

“Yay! I’ve been planning to go there. I have asked a lot of friends to bring me there for years and now, now it’s actually happening! Thank you!”

When Claire was about to kiss Franco on the cheek, he accidently looked at her so an accidental kiss happened.

To be continued.