Claire was supposed to spend the long weekend with Franco but because of the kiss, Claire realized that it is not right to spend 2 days with someone who’s in love with her.

That vacation that she has planned is for her to clear her head and not to fall in love again, or to have a rebound guy or whatsoever. Claire wants peace and she wants to free herself from the stress of her past relationship.

“Hey, I don’t think spending the weekend together is a good idea.” said Claire

“Why? But it was all planned.”

“I know. But remember, we planned that when I still see you as a friend but since you’ve confessed, I think you’re not the right person to spend those days with. If you really want me to be okay, you will let me be. I need this Franco, please understand.”

“Okay. If that’s what you want.”

“Thank you. You do know that this is better than keep hurting those people around me, including you, right?”

“Yes. Get in touch once in a while Claire. You do know that wherever you go, you always get men’s attention in spite of not doing anything. Please be careful and talk to me every now and then so I won’t worry too much, okay?”

“I will. Thank you, Franco.”

Claire flew to Phuket alone. She didn’t tell anyone where she’s going. She didn’t take photos. She was there to think. She didn’t even send a single message to Franco, or to anyone.

2 days and it’s time to go back home.

It a perfect day for Claire. She woke up at the right side of the bed. A few things she realized after the long weekend vacation:

  1. She does not have to live in hate.
  2. Hating someone for hurting you is a sign of weakness.
  3. She has forgiven everyone. When she said everyone that means everyone; from the past, no matter how many years have passed.
  4. She’ll face her fear and begin to test her discipline. There’s no need to block anyone, it is just a matter of discipline and respect to herself.
  5. No regrets. Everything happened for a reason. She has to accept that pain is part of everyone’s life, for them to become stronger and more firm with their principles.
  6. Principles. Yes. Principles. A broken heart should never lead her to doing anything that she might regret in the future.
  7. Make peace with her past, move on and face the future with pride and more love.

After having thought of everything, Claire rushed to her work table and turned her laptop on. She remembered writing her New Year’s resolution around the same time last year. She wanted to check if she has accomplished what she has written last year.

Claire wrote last year:

2015 resolution

She did pretty well this year in terms of those she’s listed so she decided to make a check list. Reality check, that is.

  • I will be the best person that I could be.

I’ve given the best version of myself to everyone. I’ve tried to become better if someone say’s I’m doing something wrong. Hmn.. I was at my best when I was with John.

  • I will give the best love and will never get tired of loving people.

I did. I loved him so much. I’ve given all that I know can make my man happy. In spite of seeing the relationship to not work, I never stopped holding on – even without constant communication. I kept my words.

  • I will give the best relationships, bring out the best in all the people I love and care the most.

I might have failed on this one but at least I’ve tried my best. Maybe, it’s just not meant to be and maybe it’s all about the clashing personalities.

  • I will be confident as I always had been. There will be no room for insecurities, depressions and anxiety.

I have always been the confident girl. I do not want to be compared to anyone because I know how different and rare of a person I am. If you had me in your life, I know you can never find someone else like me. Never. (Confidence is the key.)

  • I will ditch everything that is capable of causing stress and sadness.

I did. No further explanations needed.

  • I will look at life in the most positive way.

I might have thought that life is unfair, but I managed to get up and realize what I have written last year. Thanks to writing, I always get reminded of what’s out there, what happened in the past. They remind me of both the wonderful and saddest things in my life.

  • Whatever it is that caused me pain in 2014, I will treat them as a lesson, an experience that made me an even better person.

I did. Always lessons charged to experience.

  • If I have given a lot of love this 2014, this 2015, I will give even more.

I did. If you only knew how much love I’d given to just one person.

  • Never hate anyone from 2014. They were there for a reason.

I did. In fact, I am now friends with all my exes. Even the evilest of them all and I can even treat what had happened before as a joke.

Ex: O wala ka na yatang hugot/bitter posts ngayon?

Claire: Syempre, wala ka na sa buhay ko e. High five!

  • Family first.

Of course.

Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas songs are now playing everywhere. In spite of losing John, Claire believes that there’s no reason to be sad. She’ll be making the best out of everything and will start all over again. She believes that in due time, the right love will find her. No rush. That the next person she’ll fall in love with will experience the improved version of Claire.

Claire is smiling. The vacation must have helped her a lot.


“I will fall in love again. At the right time. If my ex didn’t do what he did, I will not meet my true love.”