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Credits to the owner of this photo

Would you go for the typical girl who would make your life smooth sailing or would you go for a girl who will keep on pushing you to become better?

The typical girl is the wife material. She is the one who would dine out with you, who would let you decide where to go, who would always be there to support you. The decision is all yours. She’ll just be there to stay beside you.

A complicated girl is the one who always has something to say. She’s opinionated, she’s smart. She will question your beliefs and ideas. She’s the type who would keep pushing you to become better. She’s the one you can sit with and discuss politics, comment about the economy and is never afraid to say what’s on her mind. She will tell you what you’re doing wrong, but she’ll also acknowledge the things you are doing perfectly. For a bitchy girl, improvements should never stop. She’s never satisfied, she always craves for more.

The typical girl is the one you can bring to a party, she’ll just sit beside you, say hello to your friends and will never let go of your hand. She’s your plus one.

A complicated girl is the one who can be herself on a party even when she’s with you. She can hold conversations to everyone even when you are talking to your friends, she’s okay to be left alone because she knows, and she can stand on her own. She is your plus one but can stand on her own.

The typical girl is very relaxing to be with. She’ll cook for you, she’ll clean your mess, and she’s willing to give up her career for you while a complicated girl will teach you to become independent. Do your shit and I’ll do mine kind of girl. She believes that being a wife is not just about cooking and becoming domesticated. She has her own career and believes in gender equality. If you’re tired, she’ll do the household chores and if she’s tired, you’ll do the same.

The typical girl runs after you when you want to leave her. Her jealousy over the women around you leads her closer to you. A complicated girl is the smart bitchy type. She knows there’s no need to run after anyone. Intimidation is not in her vocabulary. Once she finds out you’re trying to make her jealous, she’ll leave you. Because that is a clear indication that you are underestimating her smart ass. She knows she deserves better.

The easy girl is the pleasing type. She’ll tell you how good-looking you are. She’ll tell you that you will always look good no matter what you’re wearing.

The complicated girl is not afraid to tell you how you really look like because she knows, it is not only her that will see you and so she wants you to look good not just in her eyes but to everyone.

A man will always want a simple girl to have a simple easy life. But a real man would want a girl who would challenge him every day, who would push him to continuously improve.

A man would not want an opinionated, smart girl. He’ll get tired of discussions about what’s going on in the world. He wants someone who he just sleeps with at night without working hard for it. A real man believes that the challenge should not stop after getting the girl. She wants a girl that he works hard for every single day.

A man wants to be a step higher her girl. He doesn’t want to be challenged and confronted but only a real man would accept the fact that his girl is smarter than him and he’ll be proud of it because he knows that the kind of girl you’re with speaks a lot about his own personality.

It is difficult to be with a complicated girl, it requires hard work and a lot of intelligence. Not everyone can handle complicated girls. It may be easy to get a complicated girl’s attention but keeping her interested is the challenge.

The easy girl is your other half while the complicated girl is her own self. If you don’t know how to handle a complicated girl, you will feel like a failure when she started talking. But once you have become a person of your own, armed with the right amount of confidence, you will find complicated girls more satisfying.

Would you go for the easy girl or the complicated one?