Sundays are for families and to spend quality time with them, our family decided to try outdoor dining.

Our choices: Frank and Charles’s or Blake’s Wings and Steaks

We have been regular customers to Frank and Charles’s. They serve really good burgers, fries and chicken wings and I must say there was no time when I left that burger joint with disappointment.

Since burgers are what we want, we have read a review online about this new restaurant near our place, Blake’s. It is located at Mayor Gil Fernando Ave, Marikina City just beside Omakase, one of Marikina’s famous Japanese restaurants.

Since it’s a Sunday, a long queue should be expected. It’s a three-storey restaurant with the third floor as an open area. We were third on the queue and it took us almost an hour before finally getting a seat for three. Seeing the long queue did not turn me off. That means their food is good making people flock in their small restaurant.

So we waited. We were given a list of their menu. Unlike any typical restaurants when their menu would be on a board or a laminated paper, Blake’s menu is on a brown paper. They will give you that plus a pencil so you can mark your orders and they can prepare everything while waiting in line.

We picked:

Spaghetti with dried tuyo in olive oil

Blake’s bacon and cheeseburger

Porterhouse steak meal

I must say everything is really good and the price is right. Not that expensive but not that cheap either. Kids will enjoy their burgers and fries, moms will enjoy their pasta and dads will enjoy their steaks. Their menu is complete for the family.

If you want to visit and try Blake’s you can use Waze. It will lead you there. It’s just in front of Petron and Shell, just beside Omakase.