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A Win for Kate

I have known this little girl for years and I have witnessed how GM1 changed her life. I’ve seen her cry and I’ve seen her struggle to walk but couldn’t.

Today is her 5th birthday and until now, no cure has been found for GM1 – Gangliosidosis. Let’s all offer a prayer that a cure will be found soon. They have various ways to generate funds not just for Kate but for all those who are suffering from GM1.

The link below is for your donations, any amount will do. 5 cents, $5 – it will surely help not just Kate but all those fighting to survive GM1 every day. If you are still unaware what GM1 is, feel free to watch the video.




Rakrakan Festival, Globe Circuit Events Ground Makati

Here are the photos from the recently held Rakrakan Festival. Thanks to Saydie – Kat, Karl, Kurt and the drummer, Matthew Felix for my Artist Pass. I get to meet a lot of famous rock bands of the country at the backstage and even take these photos showing over 30 thousand people who participated in this annual event. 01162016

Matt, me, Phoebe and Kurt

The crowd.

Matthew Felix, Saydie

Robert dela Cruz, Skychurch drummer

Matthew Felix, Saydie

Matthew Felix, Saydie

Kurt, Karl and Kat, Saydie

Kurt, Karl and Kat, Saydie




The men of Saydie: Karl, Kurt and Matt

Me with Saydie’s vocalist, Kat Taylor

The crowd.


Artist pass ☺️

Me, Robert of Skychurch and Matt of Saydie

Me with Jamir Garcia of Slapshock. I have been following their every song back in college. I thought I’ve outgrown them already but the festival made me realize that I am still and will always be their fan. I loved their song Salamin and up until now, Ive been singing it in my head. I posted this photo in my instagram account and to my surprise, Jamir took time to check and even posted a comment. This guy really is not just a rockstar.

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